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Supporting the Cause of Environmental Protection, Sam Group Is Taking Action in China

Source:Sam GroupDate:2022-02-09

At the same time of its rapid development, China Morita Enterprise Group has not forgotten its corporate social responsibility, actively devoted itself to various forms of public welfare undertakings guided by the scientific concept of development, and strived to make positive contributions to the construction of a harmonious society through practical actions. Among many public welfare activities supported and participated in, environmental protection activities of pure public welfare nature have become one of the key contents.

In June 2018, a large-scale environmental protection public welfare event was held in Beijing on Outdoor Cleaning Day, which was long-term supported by China Morita Public Welfare Fund. The event is held once a month to enhance participants'awareness of environmental protection, protect the cleanliness and beauty of the outdoor natural environment, let more people who love life, go out of their homes to participate in various outdoor public welfare activities, and protect the cleanliness of the natural environment and the beauty of our home!

Through the support of this activity, Morita actively practices the concept of "advocating green development mode, devoting itself to the protection development of resources and the comprehensive utilization of the environment", and advocates social concern, support and participation in environmental protection, disseminate the concept of green widely, and jointly create a healthy and green living environment.